Air Freight

Air Freight is the transportation of goods by air carrier, which may be chartered or rented a part of aircraft. Such shipments are transported from the passenger and commercial freight gates wherever the aircraft is capable of flying and landing. For the first time in the year, air transport was used to transport postal services as cargo.

Aviation has grown dramatically in the last five years as an industry in expanding markets and commercial networks, and today is considered a visible option for domestic and international transportation.

Air freight plays a major role in the commercial activity of countries, often as one of the indicators of economic growth of the population. Tourism development has made even tougher progress today. The development of air transportation depends not only on natural, economic and social factors. Rather, political, legal, and financial and executive decisions and decisions play a decisive role. For this reason, revisions to laws and the removal of many restrictive administrative rules have always been one of the factors driving the expansion of Airlines activities around the world. The pace of changes and advances in aviation technology are now inevitable in infrastructure planning.

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